Celebrating Adoption

November 11th, 2008

This family is simply amazing. Their heart for the Lord is incredible. We go to church with this family and on November 16th the adoption will be finalized. Praise God! Mark and Bethel already had 4 children but knew that God was calling them to adopt these boys, being so obedient to God’s call they are adding the boys to their family. What an adventure it has been for them, it hasn’t been easy but what a great example to all of us about being obedient to God and LISTENING to His call. I love this family so much! Emma is in our high school youth group and Joey is now in middle school, what amazing kids they are! Eli was in my Sunday school class last year, what a funny little guy! They each are so unique and special! 

The FamilyUh… Do you have ANY idea how hard it really is to get 8 people to all look at you at the same time? And smile… without getting any blinks? Well let me tell you…. hahaha.

Mark And BethelThe magic started here. 

DamienIsaiahThe Boys !

EliHe has the cutest little lisp and funniest smile!

JoeyThe rocket scientist! My husband just loves having him in the youth group now! 

CarrieThe sweetest girl in the world!

EmmaEmma is such a blessing of an older sister to her family! She helps out so much. And what a beauty!?

SiblingsIf you have had an adoption within the last year or will be finalizing the adopting soon, please call me, I am offering completely FREE photo sessions for any family with an adoption story!! I’d love to bless your family with some free pictures. It’s the least I could do! 

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  • Aunt Christina

    What a beautiful story, family and incredibly amazing photographer you are Vanessa! Sure to meet you someday…maybe at Evin & Kim’s wedding

  • Becca’s Family

    November 11th, 2008

    I had a great time with Becca, her new love Zack, and her precious little boy Alex. 

    Becca and AlexLook at those dimples!

    Becca and Alex 2

    I just couldn’t pick my favorite!

    The FamilyThe Family

    Becca and ZackSo in love! 


    AlexWhile we took some pictures of the parents we look over and see Alex in the bush, he told us he was in bunny land! How cute is that!!?? Don’t worry I wont stick your kid in a bush, but if they happen to climb in, totally fair game! 

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